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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your subs cost? An entry level SportSub starts at $74,000 USD
Do your subs come with a warranty? Yes, please contact us for warranty information
Do you have to have special training to operate your subs? A SportSub is fairly easy to operate, and we offer comprehensive training in the operation of our subs
What, if any, special skills or certification do you need to pilot your subs? Pilots must be certified open water divers to operate our submarines
Does your company offer training? Yes we do, please see our pricing page for more information
How many people can your subs carry? Our submarines carry 3 people
How heavy are your subs? 1750lb. dry (800kg)
Can you lift the sub with a crane? Yes, our submarines are standard equipped with 2 stainless lifting eyes on the roof
How can you launch & recover you subs from the water? There are many ways to launch and recover our subs but the common ways are trailer, boat or boat lift
Can you put your subs on a yacht? Yes, we have many satisfied yacht owners who have our subs on their yachts
How deep can your subs dive? Our subs are rated for 130 feet (40 meters)
How long can you stay submerged? The length of the dive is dependent on depth and air supply, with a maximum dive time of about 2 hours
What is the operating cost of your subs? Other than the air tanks needing to be refilled and the batteries recharged, there is no cost
What is the maintenance cost? Maintenance cost will be dictated by proper daily maintenance and usage
Can anyone do the maintenance to the sub? Yes, our subs are easy to maintain and anyone with basic mechanical knowledge can perform maintenance
Do your subs require certification or inspection every year? No, because our submarines use ambient pressure hulls, there is no requirement for ABS or other expensive certification
Can you get insurance for your subs? Yes, insurance is available through Offshore Risk Management (Lloyd's of London)
Can you arrange shipping for my SportSub? Yes, we can ship your SportSub anywhere in the world by either ocean or air freight
Are there any special government regulations to operate your subs? Every country has it's own regulations and you will need to check with your local authorities
Are there any special government regulations for importing a sub? When making inquiries, refer to the SportSub as an 'autonomous diving bell' or 'scuba dive puller'
Have you sold your subs world wide? Yes, we have sold subs to people in almost every country in the world
Do you offer support for your subs? Yes, we have a complete support system including daily, monthly, and annual checks and maintenance
Do you offer maintenance for your subs? Yes, through our service staff, or we can provide maintenance/service material for a local mechanic or yacht engineer
Do you consult on submarine tourist operations/logistics? Yes, we can provide dive site and operational inspections and recommendations
Can you tow the sub behind your car on a trailer? Yes, we can supply you a specially built trailer or we can give you directions for building your own