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Launch & Recovery is an important aspect in the operation of your SportSub. The SportSub is compact, light weight (1,900lbs), and was designed with ease of use in mind.
No support vessel is required, and there are a variety of options for the launch and recovery of our submersible.
Below are a few example methods that have been used by our customers. Don’t see one that would work for you? We’ll work with you to design something specific to your needs.



These easy to use and inexpensive inflatables are ideal for transporting your SportSub to a distant dive location.
You can view pricing of our custom inflatables by clicking here




If you want to launch and recover your submersible from your boat, a min. 3000lb capacity davit will get the job done.




Utility trailers are an efficient and inexpensive means of transporting your personal submarine as they can be easily towed behind a vehicle.
Trailers make launch and recovery simple as your sub can be launched at any boat launch.



Purpose Built Sub Carrier

These purpose built boats/pontoons are perfect for transporting the sub(s) and passengers to an offshore dive site. 



Lift Platform

A permanent shore or dock mounted lift is a cost effective, convenient method to simply operate your launch & recovery.
This style of lift is commonly produced for boats and can be easily retrofit for a sub.



Boat Mounted Lift Platform

These custom built platforms have been used to modify an existing boat to accomodate the launch and recovery of a SportSub.



Some of our customers have gotten creative with their launch & recovery

An excavator is one unconventional means of launching a SportSub.



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