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ResortSub is the commercial version of the swim-in SportSub. It is configured to seat a pilot plus two passengers and includes all accessories necessary for a commercial operation, including Auto-Depth Control. As the name suggests, it is ideally suited for Resort operations where an operator can carry two passengers at a time for the experience of a lifetime!

ResortSub comes equipped with large capacity batteries that are designed to allow more dives between charging. Also available is the option of a second set of air supply tanks, or the High Pressure Air Refill System which allows the tanks to be refilled from a cascade system with the tanks still in the sub and the sub still in the water.

ResortSub comes standard with many features that are options on our entry level subs, such as the Auto-Depth Control System which includes Auto-Hover, a built-in SONAR, Fly-By-Wire Joystick, Electronic Buoyancy Control, and Electrical Systems Monitor. Optional equipment such as Lights, Ultrasonic Communications, and Expanded Air Supply systems can all be added to make ResortSub operations even more sophisticated. Ideally these options are specified at the time of manufacture but it is possible to retrofit a basic model with any options.

All SportSub models put safety first and come equipped with numerous backup systems. The ResortSub comes with an additional dimension of safety. Please read our SportSub Technologies document for a more complete explanation of many of ResortSub's systems and features.

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