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Designed specifically for the adventurous yacht owner, our YachtSub comes equipped with our latest technology. The SportSub III SS model fits 3 people, is light weight, easy to operate, very affordable and the safest personal submarine on the market today.

It is equipped with fly-by-wire joy stick, 24 Volt Computer Controlled Depth System (includes Auto-Hover), Auto-Hover control panel assembly, EBC (Electronic Buoyancy Control) and Auto-Target add-on for Auto-Hover Control System.

Launch and recovery is simple with a 2000lb (1000kg) capacity davit and the foot print is very small at only 4 sq metres.

The included fully automatic charger maintains the 24 volt batteries for a full day of diving. The air supply comes from standard 200 bar scuba tanks (5 included) and can be changed out in minutes or filled from a cascade system for your next adventure.

As a trained pilot you will give your guests and yourself an experience of a lifetime.

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